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 This is a traditional style of recipe prepared as side dish for Poori in the regions of South India especially in Coimbatore. This is called as “Masaal” generally and is really as  yummy, mild flavored side for Poori. Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and when taken in boiled form at-least weekly once provides sufficient …
Moong Dal fry is a simple and nutritious side dish that be prepared for Roti/Chappathi/Rice. This dal fry is a Protein rich substitute providing the required amount of energy which gets easily digested too.. because this dal fry is a blended combination of Green gram dal along with Split Moong Dal suiting for all age …
 Preparing restaurant style of gravies as a side dish for Roti and Chappathi would always be inviting.Out of all,making butter masala gravies would be the most favorite. I had a thought to try out making butter masala gravy out of potato,rather than using paneer, which is an usual butter masala recipe prepared often. Potatoes would …
Initially when I got this recipe, felt that it could be like a usual kurma we make, but its quite different from regular side dish,easy and simple to make. I tried out this Gobi dhum from gallery of gravy recipe book which would be a better side dish for Roti/ ChappathiIngredients:Cauliflower -2 cupOil -3 tbspGrind …
When we look deep into a really good digestive component there comes the enzymes(break’s macromolecules of food substances to small building blocks by which body can absorb). Raw green papaya is amazingly packed with vitamins,enzymes and phytonutrients.They help in raising the enzyme levels and uptake of nutrients,thereby strengthening a natural immune system. The enzyme Papain …
For paneer lovers,I am sure that Paneer Tomato gravy would be a new style of side dish for Chapathi/Roti/Phulkas. I learned this recipe from my friend cum neighbour. From that time this gravy become one of my favorites after I tried out.This recipe has quite long process and can’t be cooked when we are in …

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