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  Baby corn is the young corn which is said to be the cereal grain taken from early harvesting of corn where their stalks are still small and immature. We can also call it as the tender immature corn. Baby corn dosai would be an additional change in making different types of dosa varieties. As …
Ragi vermicilli / Ragi semiya is a healthy alternate in breakfast or dinner menu in most of the South Indian kitchen. Ragi is called as Finger millet and area said to be the power house of proteins, minerals and amino acids,which is said to be one of the most healthy cereals. Ragi tends to be …
Sandwiches are always a simple and a healthy recipe which is also said to be kids friendly, snack friendly, healthy and simple breakfast friendly too…Here the recipe is very simple and plain with out much of added masalas and spices,as specifically I made kid friendly with healthy touch. I use whole wheat bread in most …
Wheat is considered to be the less  carbohydrate food and is also a staple grain of North India. This has prevailed its benefits in South too and is believed to be a simple and healthy platter. This type of Poha/Avalaki recipes are found to be an authentic and a healthy breakfast. Its diabetic and diet …
Red Sorghum is called as Sivappu chollam and is one of the traditional grain which has wide range of health benefits. It is really advisable to grind these type of healthy batter at-least weekly once whenever we grind Idli/Dosa batter. Though we feel Idli is healthy and soft diet, these type of healthy recipes are …
 Kuzhi Paniyaram is a tasty and crispy form of traditional dish originated from our ancestors. This dish tastes crispy and spongy when prepared using additional quantity of oil added in iron tawa. Nowadays non stick paniyaram pans are available. Though it is non stick adding at-least little amount of oil makes the paniyaram crispy.    …
As usual searching for a change in making dosa by using carrot. Because carrot is one of the richest source of Vitamin A, I always store a considerable quantity of carrot in my refrigerator.So that I can either make a kheer, grate and add while making dosa, paniyaram, raitas and many more dishes…. This is …
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Dosai is a regular menu in South Indian tiffin item. But making plain dosas all the time is really boring and feels like hatred. So this would be a slight change and a healthy way of preparing dishes. South Indian lunch menu always consist of dal and a vegetable. So If our hubby is not …
Khichadi is one of the easily digestible form of food for infants and babies. This khichadi is quite healthy and tasty too as it is roasted with spray of ghee and cooked onions and coriander leaves. By preparing khichadi in this method you can add the benefits of coriander leaves for your little ones,because we …
The post here is about preparing a simple upma for a fine breakfast. Making a upma of broken wheat mainly depends on the quantity of water  added. This is purely a recipe from Tamilnadu..mainly in the region of Coimbatore, as I am not sure about the availability of the wheat rava in other areas like …

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