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Brinjal fry using groundnut is a traditional recipe of Andra, where most of Andra cuisine contains groundnut in their regular cooking.  But when we see the dishes prepared in  Tamilnadu the use of whole groundnut in regular cooking is comparatively less instead they us groundnut oil for their cooking which can balance the nutrition required …
Preparing a side dish using tomato would be preferred choice in most of the South Indian kitchen. Where I am not missed in that list But preparing a same of curries using tomatoes would also be boring sometimes. So here is another simple and a quick recipe of preparing a tomato chutney using an additional …
 Brinjal is high in water content and Potassium.They are used as remedy for cancer, hypertension and diabetes.Brinjal has the ability to bring down the cholesterol to a greater extent and also stabilizes the blood sugar level.Potato is rich in carbohydrate , less in Protein and are easy to digest.This property makes good diet for babies.They …

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