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As usual searching for a change in making dosa by using carrot. Because carrot is one of the richest source of Vitamin A, I always store a considerable quantity of carrot in my refrigerator.So that I can either make a kheer, grate and add while making dosa, paniyaram, raitas and many more dishes…. This is …
Carrot is one of the best vegetable containing vital nutrients. This can be eaten raw and hence included in our regular cooking to obtain richest vitamin A content. Though we prepare masal roast and Onion roast opting for Carrot dosa/roast would be a better choice in health concern. This recipe can be very safely prepared …
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Preparing carrot dosa in a procedural process is quite long and that would be a time consuming process. You can consider this post as a small tip or even a quick recipe that can be cooked in our daily regular menu. Being a South our regular menu would be dosa/Idly/paniyaram and so on with what …

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