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This method of making cauliflower fry is very simple and plain without adding any masala and sauces. I also prefer this method of recipe nowadays to avoid sauces and ketch ups in the menu of my son Previously I have posted a similar method of preparing cauliflower chilli using sauces. This is an easy method …
Cauliflower is one of the favorite veggie or even we can say a cute flower for both group of gender. Out of other dishes made of cauliflower, making chilli gobi/gobi65 would be all time favorite. From my childhood days,when we cultivate cauliflower in our field, my eyes would be eagerly starving for the flower budding …
Initially when I got this recipe, felt that it could be like a usual kurma we make, but its quite different from regular side dish,easy and simple to make. I tried out this Gobi dhum from gallery of gravy recipe book which would be a better side dish for Roti/ ChappathiIngredients:Cauliflower -2 cupOil -3 tbspGrind …

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