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  This recipe of grinding batter for aapam requires complete coconut milk and coconut water. Aapam is one of the pleasant traditional recipe from the state of Kerala. It is usually served either with kadalai curry or coconut milk mixed with sugar/Jaggery. But the choice of side dish varies in each palette. Usually aapam recipe is …
  Am a great lover of coconut chutney served in hotels. I order more of side dish when compared to the main course when it comes for white coconut chutney. Trying out the recipe from a long time collecting the ingredient from all cooking queens and finally the recipe which my cousin sister gave me …
Coconut chutney is a spicy and simple South Indian side dish for idli/dosa and is the best combo with Sambar as a side dish. Coconut chutney is a good combination with uthappam, medhu vada,bajji, bonda and many snack item. Coconut chutney is prepared in many ways and  this is perfect method of preparing coconut chutney …
Tender coconut water seems to be a very good source of calcium, copper……. After drinking the water the remaining coconut inside goes waste often. Here is a spicy recipe to use the left over coconut which would serve as  a better evening crunchy. Ingredients: Tender coconut pieces – 2 cup Pepper powder -3 tsp Red …

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