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Are you still looking for a simple biryani/pulao recipe which you can cook in hurry. This mint pulao recipe has become my regular menu atleast twice a week because of its mild and pleasant aroma. This recipe would be of great choice when you are inviting guest for lunch or dinner, as you do need …
This method of preparing coriander rice has become regular in my cooking after I got recipe from my friend Radhai during college days. This recipe is purely her moms way of cooking coriander rice with fine touch of fried potatoes. Am sure that this recipe of coriander rice would be purely different from what we …
Coriander leaves is also called as Cilantro, which is a wonderful source of Dietary fiber, Manganese, Magnesium and Iron. They are also rich in Vitamin C, K and also Calcium. Coriander leaves helps in reducing the Bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels (HDL). It promotes Liver function, Bowel movements and can be called as …
Dhania powder or coriander seeds powder is a basic ingredient required to prepare most of the gravies and curries. The aroma of this roasted and blended powder adds a flavored touch to all the dishes where ever they are added. Rather than to call this post a recipe,I just wanted to note it as a …

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