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Neer Moru is one of the traditional drink and is one of my favorite drink since childhood. Butter milk is the liquid form of curd either in thick or creamy consistency. But Neer Moru is the liquid and prepared after churning out the butter formed. As per the name Neer (watery) moru (buttermilk) the drink …
Mor kuzhmabu is the traditional recipe originated from Kerala which can be called as Buttermilk curry The recipe is usually is prepared with sour curd and grounded coconut where the flavor and aroma of added spices gives the sour curd a great taste. This recipe would be a favorite for most of South Indians and …
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    Making curd as a side dish for Dosa is a simple/fastest method of preparing side dish traditionally. When there is very short period of time to think for preparing chutneys or more curd available at home, Had too much for my lunch so just wanted a light food like Idli/Dosa, Wanted to feed …
Buttermilk is one of the easily made healthy and cool drink during this summer. Butter milk can be prepared in many varities to quench our thirst but this method of preparing butter milk at times provides you the Calcium (Coriander), Iron (Curry leaves) aids in proper digestion (Ginger) and Jeera (Flush out toxin and refresh …

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