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Dal is said to be the generic name of lentils. Though we use toor dal in regular cooking, masoor dal would be a light and easy choice to cook. Masoor dal can also be called as pink dal and the recipe posted here would be simple for regular cooking. This dal can be used in combination …
Moong Dal is the easily digestible dal and therefore preferred most of the times when feeding infants/babies. This recipe is made of plain dal cooked along with sliced snake gourd pieces and served with a  tsp of melted butter. The reason to post this recipe is that we always stick on to very few vegetables when feeding …
This is a traditional recipe in our kitchen. Selavu (we call coriander,Cumin,Pepper,Turmeric, Chilly all together as selavu and the box we store in these spices is called as “Selavu Petti” Selavu = Spices and Petti = Box ) woo ff… This is the little story behind this small traditional box. So we can term this …
 This is a traditional recipe of Tamilnadu and especially in Coimbatore. This is one of regular lunch menu in our place and This dal is also served before sambar in the feast of lunch menu. This recipe tastes awesome with ghee and is very simple to prepare as they require only termpoering not any other …

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