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 Sugars are the substances that are added in our food to induce taste. Sugar is called as sucrose and is a carbohydrate which naturally occurs in every fruit and vegetable of plant kingdom. Our taste buds gets naturally addicted to these sugars making a feel that certain food cannot be consumed without their presence by …
Kindly read the tips under baby foods  before going into the recipes.After 6 months we start introducing solid foods to babies.Flax-Millet porridge suits best for breakfast. The main ingredient used is Finger millet and Flax seed.Initially start with very less quantity and if it suits the baby then gradually increase the quantity.I have also given down …
Pongal is a traditional South Indian festival where in the dish is named so. Also this festival is called as the “Ulavar Thirunal “(உழவர் திருநாள் )and  the farmers value this festival the more. Although Pongal is made with different grains nowadays, making sweet pongal with Raw rice is the regular recipe and is very nutritious …

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