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Sprouts are the healthiest, Low fat meal which can be either eaten raw or cooked or steamed. Sprouted grain are mainly rich in protein, fiber, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. Sprouts provide high amount of energy. I have posted about the Topmost health benefits of sprouts in my earlier post and also stated about how to use …
 Kuzhi Paniyaram is a tasty and crispy form of traditional dish originated from our ancestors. This dish tastes crispy and spongy when prepared using additional quantity of oil added in iron tawa. Nowadays non stick paniyaram pans are available. Though it is non stick adding at-least little amount of oil makes the paniyaram crispy.    …
  Carrots are found to be one of the ultimate health foods world wide. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and found to have good anti-oxidant properties. Like onions and potatoes I always prefer to have carrots for regular daily use. But problem is when it comes to storage !! Yes.. Carrots tend to spoil …
This a basic tip that can be followed whenever we buy curry leaves and coriander leaves for our daily use. Washing curry leaves before seasoning makes the oil splatter out and is one mesh job in cleaning the stove also sometimes it comes on hand. Curry leaves, Coriander leaves and Green chillies are one among …
  This is a small tip for storing the aromatic spices to use when preparing gravies and Biryani. My sister (Anitha)suggested me to try out and you can ask “we add full clove and cinnamon when preparing these kind of dishes and why do we need this??? I asked the same question and reply was …
Sprouts are the germinated seeds of any Legumes or grains.Day by day we concern more and more about the health benefits of each ingredient we consume in our regular diet. To balance the the junk foods that we are tend to intake in situations like get together, team lunch, meetings, parties, kids request, bored of …
 Poori is a very famous dish in India and is enjoyed by people of all age groups equally. Poori is served mainly for breakfast it is enjoyed by people at all meal time or either as a snack or light meal. What everyone loves the most is a fluffy poori with soft bottom and crispy …
 I have posted earlier the ” Millet dosa batter ” which is the basic requirement for making dosa using millet. As you all know millet are the small group of cereals which has been used traditionally over centuries. Here is a simple tip or even a recipe I can say,which adds additional taste and nutrition …
 Sundakkai in Tamil is called as the Turkey Berry in English. It is a small tiny vegetable grown usually in house garden which has vital nutritional benefits. This fruit can be consumed/cooked either in the fresh form plucked from the plant or else in dried form. As you all know it is always to take …

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