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Lemon Rasam is a simple and a traditional recipe. Rasam is the authentic dish of South India which can be termed as  soothing soup. The sour taste of lime garnished with the flavors of coriander leaves and pinch of asafoetida gives a perfect aroma. Lemon rasam would be better choice when you wanted to prepare …
Citron (Citrus medica) is a species of citrus fruit. We can also call it as a variety of lemon. The difference is lemon has thin rind whereas citron has a thick rind. The sour taste of the juice also slightly varies lemon is little milder sour when compared to citron/Narthangai. It is said to be …
 Lemon belong to a citrus family and are richest source of Vitamin C. Making use of lemon in our regular diet boosts up the immune system and it acts as anti-bacterial/viral agents. It aids in weight loss and also acts as liver cleaner.Making variety is an usual recipe to carry in boxes for lunch and …

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