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Are you still looking for a simple biryani/pulao recipe which you can cook in hurry. This mint pulao recipe has become my regular menu atleast twice a week because of its mild and pleasant aroma. This recipe would be of great choice when you are inviting guest for lunch or dinner, as you do need …
Though mint leaves are loaded with abundant health benefits..many dislike the taste of chutneys made out of it. I would be the first and in that list. I can eat mint leaves added in any dishes but not chutney. But chutney is the only recipe which can be prepared in regular South Indian cooking. Like …
Pudhina/Mint leaves are the highly flavored of all the greens and spinach. Because of this aroma they stimulate the brain preventing from nausea.Pudhina is loaded with high amount of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients relieving the stomach cramps and acidity. They have anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a skin-cleanser too. Also they are highly rich in calcium. …
More than just a garnishing herb, mint leaves are found to have many beneficial effects.They help to get revealed from indigestion, fights oral infection, gives a glowing skin, boosts up immunity,beats stress,depression,morning sickness in pregnant women.so we should take care that mint leaves should not be fried more to retain its nutritional values. Ingredients: Mint …

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