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This recipe doesn’t require much of concentration and tips. So you have to just grind, sauté, add rice and pressure cook which will be ready to serve. Hence this would be an inviting recipe for beginners to make an excellent pulao/biryani whatever it can be called of your choice. Else recall as “Emergency Pulao”. The …
Sandwiches are always a simple and a healthy recipe which is also said to be kids friendly, snack friendly, healthy and simple breakfast friendly too…Here the recipe is very simple and plain with out much of added masalas and spices,as specifically I made kid friendly with healthy touch. I use whole wheat bread in most …
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Dosai is a regular menu in South Indian tiffin item. But making plain dosas all the time is really boring and feels like hatred. So this would be a slight change and a healthy way of preparing dishes. South Indian lunch menu always consist of dal and a vegetable. So If our hubby is not …
Cutlet is a healthy snack made purely with vegetables. Though it is a fried snack,unlike other fritters cutlet does not require too much frying as the vegetables are boiled and cooked already.So cutlets provide a better nutritional supplement for kids when back from school.Ingredients:Potato -2Finely chopped carrot,cabbage -1 cupBeans -5 (optional)Onion -2Red chilli powder -1 …
Its time of winter,chillness spread around,roaming with fur coats and sweat shirts. Tastebuds tempting to drink something hot.I felt a cup of hot and sour soup would be of best choice that would satisfy my thirst. How can I forget to share with you all the recipe to tempt you more.I tried out this recipe …

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