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Moong Dal is the easily digestible dal and therefore preferred most of the times when feeding infants/babies. This recipe is made of plain dal cooked along with sliced snake gourd pieces and served with a  tsp of melted butter. The reason to post this recipe is that we always stick on to very few vegetables when feeding …
Moong dal is one of the easily digestible pulses/cereals. We can also call it as simple form of protein and a kids friendly dal. Rasam is the traditional dish of South India and the list of variety would be too long. Here is the simple version of Moong dal rasam which can be a better …
 The word fever is termed when our body exceeds the normal body temperature which is caused by wide variety of illness. A normal body temperature varies in each individual and also depending on weather. The baseline is 98.6 F. Fever is usually caused by pyrogens (fever producing substance which includes bacteria, virus,fungi, drugs,toxins) Normally fever …
Moong Dal fry is a simple and nutritious side dish that be prepared for Roti/Chappathi/Rice. This dal fry is a Protein rich substitute providing the required amount of energy which gets easily digested too.. because this dal fry is a blended combination of Green gram dal along with Split Moong Dal suiting for all age …
Sambar is found to be one of the most faourite side dish from people all around. South Indian style of making smabar would be of best choice I can say…As per the wish from one of my friend to update tamilnadu style of preparing sambar….I have been trying out different variety of sambar in south …

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