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Mushrooms are rich in folic acid and its good for health when added in your regular diet either in the form of curries, gravies, soups, stir fry. Biryani is one of the all time favorite South Indian recipe prepared during most of the festive occasions or in regular cooking. Though the recipes of Pulao and …
Mushrooms are good source of Selenium and like us they produce Vitamin D when exposed to Sunlight. This recipe I got from my cousin sister Uma, a perfect cook in simple. Its so simple and easy to prepare only it takes time to ooze out oil. This gravy would be a perfect choice for Roti/Parata/Naan/Chapati. …
Macaroni is one of the variety of pasta. I used here elbow macaroni and is completely a sooji pasta. Its just a try out using mayonnaise in Indian style of cooking pasta. To my surprise it doesn’t spoil my expectation where in I fried the Indian spices and masala along with mushroom and gave a …
Mushrooms….. Yumm!! My all time favorite and now my son is an added member. Mushrooms are richest source of Selenium (protects urinary bladder) and Folic acid (iron). Like humans they produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Yes !! Mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetable source of this critical vitamin. White button mushrooms are …

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