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Because we do not use much of fresh creams in our regular South Indian cooking, I totally forgot my store bought fresh cream unnoticed more than a week. We mostly use about 1-2 tsp of cream in any gravies prepared, then remaining pack goes off waste.So I never buy it, instead use a home made …
    Spinach gravy posted here is a traditional method which can be used to prepare any type of greens whether you get from fields as weeds (Mulai keerai/amaranthus blitum/edible amaranth) or from market in the name of arakeerai (spleen amaranth), sirukeerai (Tropical amaranth), Pasalai keerai (Palak),….and many more. As we all know spinach /greens …
After 6 months of mother feeding we slowly start introducing the solid foods.Here in this place soups take up the place of main food that are introduced first. Though we start initially with veggies, by the 9th month we have to introduce spinach/green leafy vegetables. So palak is always easy to digest when compared with …

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