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Masala puri is a very popular variety of all the Indian Chaat recipes and my favorite too.This is one chat recipe which can be easily prepared at home at all occasions. Though masala puri can be found in all hotels and food courts, the one which I love is from the small shops and posted recipe …
 Ragda is the gravy or the base that is required for preparing variety of Indian chaats or street foods. Am a great fan of chat recipes especially masala puri served in small chat corners.  “Ragda or the gravy” is prepared using white peas/ green peas. One can make a variety of Indian chats with the hot …
Green peas is my all time favorite. Though it doesn’t have a excellent or a special taste it has a unique flavor and aroma where few lke and dislike the taste. Fresh peas can be added in any of the dishes whether it can be a pulao, rice, one pot meal,even gravy or curry.The recipe …
 Preparing restaurant style of gravies as a side dish for Roti and Chappathi would always be inviting.Out of all,making butter masala gravies would be the most favorite. I had a thought to try out making butter masala gravy out of potato,rather than using paneer, which is an usual butter masala recipe prepared often. Potatoes would …

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