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Potato is a root vegetable where we can call it as kids favorite. This recipe of frying potato is my all time favorite since childhood. The day I entered kitchen I prepare this fry myself and its that simple too. You can call this a skids friendly recipe because of its less spice and crispy …
Potatoes are considered to be one of the most comfortable foods for all age groups. From kids to elders potato lovers are many.. Potatoes can be stored for longer days without getting spoiled. So we would always  try out some new recipes of side dishes, snacks, curries with potato. Here I have posted a simple …
Here is an another hit for Potato lovers…yes!! Baby Potato Tikka fry. The term tikka is a type of Indian or Pakistani food. Usually Tikkas are made from the mixture of aromatic spices with a blend of yogurt. This blended masalas are used to marinate the Baby potatoes and fry them in a thick flat …
 Potato is one of my most favorite veggie I can say. It doesn’t matter whether it is in sambar, varuval,poriyal, gravy or anything. So I always have a passion towards cooking potatoes. From past 3 years I have a passion and grabbing for potato recipes,especially baby potatoes.Because of its small and tiny size it suits …
 Brinjal is high in water content and Potassium.They are used as remedy for cancer, hypertension and diabetes.Brinjal has the ability to bring down the cholesterol to a greater extent and also stabilizes the blood sugar level.Potato is rich in carbohydrate , less in Protein and are easy to digest.This property makes good diet for babies.They …

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