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Karpooravalli is a very common plant available inn the village sides. Like tulsi plant it can be grown normally in a pot and doesn’t require much maintenance. This leaves are found to have wide medicinal effect for cold and cough. It can either be eaten raw, else used to make bajji, Soup and rasam. It …
 Thuthuvalai can also be called as purple fruit pea plant in english. They are loaded with abundant health benefits and so I always maintain this plant in my balcony for my regular cooking. Already I have posted a recipe of preparing rasam using these leaves. Because this is regular in my diet need a change …
Thuthuvalai in tamil is called as Purple pea fruited eggplant in English. This leaf is traditionally called as a medicinal herb with wide range of health benefits. They are very effective in neutralizing the heat and giving a soothing relief from sore throat, cold, cough and gas trapped in the body. In Siddha, this leaf …
The recipe sukku rasam/dry ginger rasam is a traditional method prepared in village sides of tamilnadu.This rasam is not generally prepared at all times but mainly during winter season as they serves as better remedy for cough and cold. Here we use the spices of masala box as a main course of ingredient. Also this …
Thuthuvalai is called as purple fruited pea eggplant in English.This is effective in balancing tridosha i.e; vada,pitta,kappa. The leaves are very effective in neutralizing excess heat,relieves from sore throat, cough and cold and also gas trapped in body.In medicine of siddha these leaves are called as long life elixir. They stimulates blood production, prevents thickening …

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