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Beaten rice is called as Aval/Poha/Avalaki.It is available in two varieties red and in white color.Usually Avalaki/ Poha is prepared for the breakfast.This recipe stated is our regular method of cooking aval. The recipe is the same for both white and red variety. Here as a note of health beneficial concern,I used red Aval. Ingredients …
Kozhakattai can also be termed as Rice Balls, which is one of the most traditional recipe of South India. This recipe is prepared during the festive of Lord Ganesha Chathurthi. But we own this recipe in our regular breakfast and dinner menus. Usually Kozhakattai is prepared out of white raw rice, but for a slight …
Hope you would have visited in my previous posts about the method of preparation of Red rice powder to make porridge’s for infants. I also wanted to share with you all a basic recipe,which can be made out of this powder. Posted here is my own idea to prepare for my kid but you can …
Red rice is called as Kerala matta rice which has been using from centuries. Red rice and brown rice are the same variety,but depending on the color after processing they are separated. They both are rich in antioxidants and fiber,but differs in nutrient density. Red rice when consumed helps in weight management and enhances immune …

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