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Khichadi is one of the easily digestible form of food for infants and babies. This khichadi is quite healthy and tasty too as it is roasted with spray of ghee and cooked onions and coriander leaves. By preparing khichadi in this method you can add the benefits of coriander leaves for your little ones,because we …
 When we say dosa,we can finger-out the counts who dislikes it. Dosa is one of the favorite dish for both south Indians and North Indians at the most, as far I have come across people. In the same time I would always love to order Rava dosa in special for my breakfast/dinner menus in hotel. …
Rava kesari is a simple sweet recipe prepared in very short time. The main ingredient is semolina in english and called as Sooji in Hindi.The health benefit of Semolina includes richest source of Vitamin E and B complex and mainly thanks for its richest potassium content, improving a very good kidney function. This sweet form …

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