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Solanum nigrum / small fruited Black nightshade is called asĀ  Manathakkali Keerai, Sukkatti Keerai (in village we use this name) in Tamil, Kaakke soppu in Kannada. This plant comes under berry family as they produce a small berry like fruit, black in color. In most of the countries some parts of the plants are called …
Going to be in the end of mango season,by this time we would have exhausted picking different varieties of mangoes and tasted with an expectation at least this batch we got would be bit sweeter. So I can surely say that there is no saturation point for the taste of mangoes. This we be the …
Mango is the king of fruits…and season of mangoes started as of now. We find raw mangoes in basket full everywhere. Being a mango lover I started my purchase and tasting mango varieties. After using a raw mango,half was left out and was thinking so much what to prepare with that. We usually make tamarind …
Bittergourd is a healthiest vegetable which has enormous benefits,but has side effects too. It gives a remedy for diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels,piles, blood purification process,weight loss and serves as immune booster. Side effects are shown in pregnant/lactating women,children, patient with G-6PD and low blood blood sugar.Ingredients:Bitter gourd -2 (thin sliced/finely chopped)Tamarind water -3 …

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