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¬†Urad dal is also called as white lentils or black lentils. Also urad dal is found to be used as major ingredient in Indian cuisine for preparing a healthy diet.Black urad dal/lentil is the whole form of urad dal. There is not much difference between black and white lentils other than the outer husk/covering. In …
Fenugreek seed is a readily available ingredient in the Indian kitchen.They has  a strong flavor and a bitter taste and even when used in small amount gives a good flavor.It plays a great part in women’s health increasing the milk production and easy labor. It also reduces cholesterol and good for diabetics. Making Vendhaya Idli …
When we have to say the most traditional, healthy and nutritional food item of South India, there comes only the idli and no other food stuff can beat over this simple healthy sponges. Idli’s are always safer to feed from infants to elders and when a person is not keeping well. Pediatrician advice to start …
Medhu vada is the best compliment  along with idli in south Indian hotels for breakfast.Urad dal contains protein, fat and carbohydrates. It is one of the protein friendly diet.They are also rich in fibre which makes it to get digested easily.They reduces cholesterol and increases cardiovascular health. Urad dal provides very good nutritional benefits for …

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