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Kachayam is the traditional sweet recipe of South India,mainly in the regions of Tamilnadu. The simple recipe of Kachayam is blend with ripen bananas and all purpose flour (maida) along with added sugar for its sweetness, but the recipe posted here is quite twist with soaked whole wheat grinded along with the aroma of jaggery and …
Wheat is considered to be the less  carbohydrate food and is also a staple grain of North India. This has prevailed its benefits in South too and is believed to be a simple and healthy platter. This type of Poha/Avalaki recipes are found to be an authentic and a healthy breakfast. Its diabetic and diet …
This recipe was totally a new one when I came to know initially. Whole wheat contains the complete nutrition compared to atta flour. This was first tried by my friend cum sis Karthika where she told that it came out really excellent and perfectly tasty too.. I am totally against wheat dosa made from atta/wheat …
First I tried making payasam with Broken wheat on my cousin birthday. It came out really good saturating their satisfaction. When I repeated a couple of times too the consistency was found to be well maintained evenly. So felt like sharing the same here as a post hoping to be useful Its a very simple …
The post here is about preparing a simple upma for a fine breakfast. Making a upma of broken wheat mainly depends on the quantity of water  added. This is purely a recipe from Tamilnadu..mainly in the region of Coimbatore, as I am not sure about the availability of the wheat rava in other areas like …
 Poori is a very famous dish in India and is enjoyed by people of all age groups equally. Poori is served mainly for breakfast it is enjoyed by people at all meal time or either as a snack or light meal. What everyone loves the most is a fluffy poori with soft bottom and crispy …

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