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Banana is the healthiest of all fruits which are packed with nutrients that are good for your heart, your diet,mood and your eyes.  It provides variety of minerals and vitamins where as also rich in Dietary fiber and potassium and adequate amount of magnesium too. They are also said to be good source of Vitamin …
Previously shared about a small tip of extracting water from banana stem before we make a sir fry or any recipe out of the stem. I feel that the recipe remains incomplete unless i share a recipe made out of the stem after extracting the water. I usually do a stir fry with the stem …
  Basically we all know about the health benefits of eating banana….a household favorite,which has woven itself deeply into human affairs,both gut and mental levels. Like banana is a starch-rich fruit, banana stem also has wide range of medicinal properties in suppressing the oxalate kidney stones. This method of squeezing out water from banana stem …
I have posted earlier the method of making powder out of raw nendran banana. This Nendran banana powder though used for many purpose,at the most used to prepare porridge for babies from their 7th onwards. This porridge is highly nutritious for the growing buds. Please refer to the baby care tips for further concerns. Ingredients:  Nendran banana powder – 2 …
This method of making powder out of raw banana is purely originated from kerala. When I was reading an ayurvedic book,I found out this recipe and felt to try out for feeding my little one when he was 8 months. I was in bit confusion how will it work out as am trying for the …

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