10 Indian Chicken Biryani Recipes

10 Indian Chicken Biryani Recipes – Chicken biryani recipes A collection of 10 delicious and tasty Indian chicken biryani recipes. Biryani is an aromatic rice dish that is prepared mostly with meat, spices, herbs and curd /yogurt. Though Biriyani can be made with vegetables, eggs or even with paneer, the authentic version is made with meat most commonly with mutton. However a larger population love to enjoy biryani made with chicken since it is one of the most common lean meats eaten across the world.
Indian Chicken Biryani

The main ingredients that go towards the making of any good biryani are premium quality spices, basmati rice and fresh herbs like pudina / mint and coriander leaves. It is said that biryani was brought to India by the Mughals, for more details you can refer this post on Biryani.

This post consists of kacchi biriyani, pakki dum biriyani, restaurant style biriyani, chicken biryani made in pot and pressure cooker. Each of these are unique in terms of flavor and taste due to the different procedure followed during preparation. These go great with raita or shorba or salan.

Collection of 10 Indian chicken biryani recipes

1. Pakki hyderabadi dum biryani

In this recipe, chicken is cooked first and then layered with partially cooked basmati rice. It is slow cooked for short time on a tawa/ griddle to bring our the flavors of chicken, herbs and spices.

2. Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani

This is made in hyderabadi kacchi style meaning uncooked raw meat is marinated to tenderize and then directly dum cooked with half cooked rice layered over the marinade.

3. Chicken fry biriyani

One of the popular dish from Andhra restaurants in Singapore. Stir fry chicken is layered with the plain kuska biryani. This is quite easy to make and suitable for beginners as well.

4. Restaurant style dum biriyani

Biriyanis made in restaurants are different very aromatic and delicious. The recipe shared here with step by step pics will help you to make a great dish.

5. Chettinad chicken biryani in cooker

A uniquely flavored one pot biryani from Chettinad cuisine. Thea aroma of coconut milk and spices is much different than any other dish.

6. Chicken biryani in pressure cooker

One of most made dishes on the blog. It has been a favorite among the readers.

7. Awadhi biryani

Popularly known as lucknowi biryani is a unique due to the whole spices used.

8. Ambur chicken biryani

Ambur biryani is very popular in tamilnadu. It is prepared with minimum usage of spices. This dish gets an unique meat aroma since not many kinds of spices are used.

9. Kerala malabar chicken biryani

Originated in the malabar region of Kerala and is said to be one of the most flavorful dishes from kerala cuisine.

10. Muslim biryani

Prepared mostly during muslim weddings and family gatherings in tamilnadu & andhra pradesh, the southern states of India.