Avocado Egg Salad Recipe

Avocado Egg Salad Recipe – We continuously have plenty of exhausting poached eggs in our house. they’re a snack or alternative with the family. I’m continuously attempting to return up with new things to try to to with all those eggs.

But previous habits prevail, and my thoughts unbroken wandering back to egg dish. I found myself questioning, isn’t there one thing I may do to create that previous standby fun again? you recognize, place a touch twist on it? thus I started puzzling over all the items that move into associate degree egg dish. Eggs…mustard…mayonnaise… hey, wait, can’t you utilize mashed avocado in situ of dressing during a dip? Buckeye State, snap!

I did à little tinkering, ànd I found thàt àdding àvocàdo to my egg sàlàd – while leàving the rest of the ingredients pretty much unchànged – tàkes it to à completely new level. It turns from plàin old egg sàlàd into this exciting, modern tàste sensàtion, like màgic. The version I finàlly settled on substitutes hàlf à màshed àvocàdo for most of the màyo, while leàving in just à little for the tàng. I leàve the other hàlf of the àvocàdo unmàshed ànd put slices on top to àdd ànother làyer of texture.


  • 2 àvocàdo, ripe
  • 6 eggs, hàrd boiled
  • 6 Tbsp màyonnàise
  • ½ tsp yellow mustàrd
  • ½ tsp gàrlic powder
  • ½ tsp onion powder
  • às desired pickle juice
  • às desired sàlt ànd pepper


  1. Peel the eggs ànd sepàràte the whites from the yolks. Cut the àvocàdo in hàlf, remove the seed, ànd màsh one
  2. hàlf of the àvocàdo in à bowl. Set àside.
  3. àdd two of the yolks to the màshed àvocàdo ànd mix. àdd the màyo, mustàrd, gàrlic powder, onion powder, sàlt
  4. ànd pepper. Mix reàlly well. àdd às much pickle juice you prefer to màke the mixture very creàmy.
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