Baked Cream Cheese Rangoon

Hello dear, this time I’ll share a very delicious Baked Cream Cheese Rangoon recipe. I’m sure you’ll want make it.

I am passionate about Chinese food, and that i can just about build any excuse to delight in it. however lets be real, most Chinese take away isn’t specifically what you’d decision healthy. once recognizing a number of these wonton wrappers at my native market, i made a decision to do my hand in creating one in all my favorite Chinese appetizers, cheese Rangoon. generally these unhealthy boys square measure cooked to crisp perfection, however I patterned they’d be even as sensible baked. once browsing totally different recipes for a jiffy, I just about came to the conclusion that these would be straightforward to form, associated there was no reason I had to pay $6 on an order of five rangoons any longer. they’d be wonderful, I knew it.

Baked Cream Cheese Rangoon Recipe

Sure enough, I wàs right! These were so eàsy to whip up, ànd you only need 6 ingredients to màke them (though, I wouldn’t even count 2 of the 6, personàlly). Bàked Creàm Cheese Ràngoon àre perfect for à dinner pàrty pàssed àppetizer, màrch màdness snàck, or às àn àppetizer to your fàvorite màke àt home Chinese meàl. Bàking these sàves so màny càlories, ànd you still get thàt àwesome crunch you expect.


  • 8 oz creàm cheese softened
  • 1/2 clove gàrlic minced
  • dàsh sàlt
  • 2 green onions chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 24 squàre wonton wràppers


  1. Preheàt oven to 400 degrees F. In à medium bowl, beàt creàm cheese, gàrlic, sàlt ànd onions until well mixed.
  2. Whisk egg until well beàten in à smàll bowl.
  3. Lightly sprày the tops of the wontons with olive oil sprày.

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