Banana Powder | Nendran Vazhai Powder as Indian Baby Food

Banana Powder | Nendran Vazhai Powder |Infant Food Recipes | Indian Baby Food – This method of making powder out of raw banana is purely originated from kerala. When I was reading an ayurvedic book, I found out this recipe and felt to try out for feeding my little one when he was 8 months. I was in bit confusion how will it work out as am trying for the first time. But my try was not in vain. I do make this powder and store it for making porridge for my kid.
Banana Powder

I have known from few other people that this powder can also be used for making in ice cream, milk shakes and halwa, But other than making porridge I have not tried out any other recipes. I do try out some recipes from this powder, when it works out good…surely I will update.

Ingredients of Banana Powder:

  • Raw Nendran banana/plantain -3

Method of Preparation of Banana Powder:

  1. Remove the skin of the banana and put inside the water. (This step is done just for the banana not becoming sticky while chopping.
  2. Take out the banana from water and cut in thin round slices.
  3. Spread in a paper or cloth and allow it to dry in hot sun for about 2 to 3 days.
  4. After the slices get dried of they give a sounds like collection of coins. It means that the banana is completely dried.
  5. Now grind the dried bananas in a blender to make it a fine powder.
  6. Sieve and then store in a container for future use.


  • This banana powder is used mainly to make porridge for infants from their 6 the month onwards.
  • They can also be used in preparation of ice creams, milkshakes and halwa.

For Banana powder recipes :

  • Used in preparing Sattu maavu/ Health mix
  • Banana Powder Porridge recipe

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Thus information about how to make Banana Powder recipe that are very easy and produce a very special taste. good luck trying and practicing it at home.