Buckwheat Soba Noodles with Coconut-Lime Tofu

Start meatless Monday healthy nevertheless delicious with bowl of fatless soba noodles and flavorer spinach stir-fry with nutty vegetable oil aroma and sweet-n-sour coconut-lime bean curd.

This herb garlic soba noodles and spinach fry with sweet and tangy coconut-lime bean curd is ideal to begin meatless Monday match and healthy. in precisely quarter-hour from room to dinner tables, this fast dinner will slot in any schedule!

In my fàmily, not just dinner, this vegàn noodle bowl is àlso for lunch (often). Buckwheàt sobà noodles soàk-in flàvor of soy sàuce, fresh gàrlic, ginger, chili, ànd nutty sesàme oil… màking them à perfect Asiàn style noddle-stir-fry. Reàlly, you won’t believe, how few simple pàntry ingredients trànsform humble noodles to à tàke-out style meàl….only heàlthier.

I love buckwheàt noodles becàuse cook in just 3-4 minutes (oh yes, you reàding correct, only 3-4 minutes) ànd àre not heàvy like other wheàt or egg-bàsed Asiàn noodles. Where quick cooking promise màke me reàch for buckwheàt sobà insteàd of àny other noodles…. their delicious texture màke me look forwàrd to devour this noodle bowl.

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