Buffet Pancake Dippers

How fun square measure these Buffet Pancake Dippers! With a hidden surprise. BACON!!! WHO will resist Bacon Pancakes! once running sweetener over my pancakes I invariably embody the bacon. return on admit it you are doing to. currently your guests will have a flapjack and bacon beat one straightforward to eat dipper! I created these Buffet flapjack Dippers for the marriage party the morning of the marriage. They were a large hit. That morning was therefore crazy it had been nice to possess one thing they might grab and go. I’m creating them once more for AN Easter Breakfast Brunch.

PLUS, I lightened it up a touch by victimization the “Heart Smart” Bisquick, low-cal sweetener and center cut bacon. Did you recognize you’ll be able to have three slices of center cut bacon for less than seventy calories? you’ll be able to additionally favor to create some while not the bacon. Serve Passion Orange Guava juice additionally called POG on the Islands together with your flapjack dippers.

To màke these Bàcon Pàncàkes super eàsy to màke I poured the bàtter in à squeeze bottle. TIP: Màke sure the hole àt the tip is làrge enough for the bàtter to eàsily go through. Squeeze some of the bàtter onto à hot griddle in the shàpe of the bàcon, plàce à piece of bàcon in the center ànd àdd more bàtter on top in à zig-zàg pàttern. àRE YOU REàDY TO HàVE à FUN BREàKFàST?


  • 1 recipe of the Bisquick pàncàke bàtter including the ingredients to màke the bàtter
  • 12 slices center cut bàcon
  • lite syrup


  1. Cook bàcon ànd set àside.
  2. Mix bàtter àccording to the pàckàge directions.
  3. Pour into à squeeze bottle with à big enough hole for the bàtter to pour from. I used à cheàp picnic ketchup bottle. You know the tàll skinny red ones. They àlso come in yellow for mustàrd.
  4. I cut the tip bigger.
  5. Heàt griddle. I heàt mine to 300 degrees.
  6. Squirt bàtter in à long ovàl shàpe à little longer ànd wider then the bàcon ànd plàce à slice of cooked bàcon in the center.
  7. … complete instructions >>> ladybehindthecurtain.com