Cannoli Dip


Cannoli Dip – For the maximum amount as I claim to like desserts dips I’ve seriously been neglecting them as lately. I had to see my direction archives to make certain, however my last afters dip was denote all the method back at the start of March.

So, clearly, this straightforward cannoli dip was over demanded.

And if you’re like Maine and haven’t absolutely come back to terms with the actual fact that we’re nearly [*fr1] method through the month of could (!!) meaning it’s been 2 whole months since I whipped up one thing sweet and dippable.

Like, seriously.

Time, you wish to slow your roll.

Wait, area unit the cool children still locution “slow your roll”?


Maybe no?

Guess I’ll simply ought to cross my fingers and hope for the most effective, cause I’m simply not able to upgrade my slang and use “on fleek” in an exceedingly sentence.

Anywho, wherever was I?

Oh, right – DIP!

I have to admit that the recent lack of afters dips is all thanks to the “parfait craze” I’ve been on latterly. Once the Baileys Cookies and Cream frozen dessert post took off, it had been arduous to not build even a lot of parfaits. I gotta offer the plenty what they need, right?

But, sadly, none of my alternative parfaits did anyplace close to nearly as good because the Baileys one, therefore apart from another awe-inspiring frozen dessert I even have planned (seriously, it’s a doozy!) I’ll in all probability chill out with the parfaits for a short while and return to my tried and true dip recipes.

Although, at the top of the day, I’m game for any form of no bake afters. I’m not the most effective baker (though I do try!) therefore anytime I don’t ought to rely upon no matter voodoo magic my kitchen appliance casts on food is ok by Maine.

Parfaits and dips area unit simply the best route to any or all the sweet food I crave.

Now, the cool half regarding this dip is that it shocked Maine. I wished to create a dip with the ingredients I had available, and it with great care happens I continually appear to own heaps of cheese in my refrigerator.

So cheese is certainly during this dip, and in 99.9% of cases meaning you’re still progressing to style a minimum of a touch little bit of the cheese regardless of however arduous you are trying to decorate it up…

But for this cannoli dip, that wasn’t the case, as a result of you can’t style the cheese during this. Like, at all.

And I would ne’er have believed that if I had not created it myself and learned the reality.


I’ve màde this dip à few times without àny issues, but some reàders hàve sàid thàt their dip càme out wàtery or gràiny.

Thànkfully, there àre à few eàsy things you càn do to help prevent this from hàppening to your dip.


  • 1 cup ricottà
  • 8 oz creàm cheese room temperàture
  • 1 cup powdered sugàr
  • 1 tsp vànillà extràct
  • 2/3 cup mini chocolàte chips
  • wàffle cones broken


  1. Using à stànd mixer (or à hànd mixer + làrge bowl), àdd in ricottà, creàm cheese, ànd powdered sugàr on medium-high speed until smooth, àbout 3-5 minutes. àdd in vànillà extràct ànd whip for ànother 30 seconds.
  2. Tàste test the dip – if you’d like it sweeter, àdd more powdered sugàr, àbout 2 tàblespoons àt à time. You càn sàfely àdd up to ànother 1/2 cup of powdered sugàr (8 tàblespoons) without negàtively impàcting consistency.
  3. … complete recipe on