Cardamom Powder | Cardamom Health Benefits

Cardamom Powder | Cardamom Health Benefits – Elaichi or Cardamom is one of the most common spices seen in Indian household and Is the Queen of Spices. Cardamom is no wonder a magical Indian spice which is loaded with bundle of health benefits. Its well worth adding cardamom to your food for flavor alone, but their health benefits are also wise to consider whenever you break out the spice. It is also called as Elaichi, Yelakai in Tamil. (Botanical name : Elettaria cardamomum)

Cardamom Powder

Health Benefits of Elaichi/Cardamom :

  1. Have you ever wondered why cardamom is staple addition in saunf/fennel seeds/sombu after meals??? Yes it is carminative in nature, thereby improving digestion and also reduces inflammation of stomach lining, fights heart burn and prevents nausea/vomitting sensation.
  2. Its strong flavor in every shot helps to get relief from bad-breath.
  3. Elaichi has the capacity to release an essential oil that stimulate the salivary glands for the increasing saliva production. Hence it helps to improve appetite and provides a cooling sensation when we feel burning sensation during acidity.
  4. Cardamom increases the blood circulation in lungs providing a better respiratory environment. In Ayurveda,
  5. Elaichi is known as warm spice which heats up the body internally helping in expulsion of phlegm and relives from chest congestion.
  6. It helps in fighting against anemia and maintains a good heart rate. It also helps in detoxifying the toxins and fight against free radicals.

How to use / Tips to use Cardamom Powder/ Health Tips behind :

  1. Instant remedy for indigestion: 3 pods of cardamom + small piece ginger + 3 cloves + few coriander seeds –> grind and mix with warm water and drink.
  2. Relief from bad breath : Chew on pod of elaichi after every meal
  3. Drink a cup of cardamom tea every morning to help detoxify and strengthen digestion system.
  4. Relief from congestion : Add few drops of elaichi essential oil into boiling water and proses during steam inhalation.
  5. Better heart function and detoxification : Add elaichi in your regular diet and meals.
  6. Fighting Anemia : A pinch of elaichi powder + turmeric powder in warm milk. Add jaggery if required. Drink every night to fight against anemia and relieve from weakness.

Method of Preparation of Cardamom Powder :

  1. Separate the seeds from the cardamom pods.
  2. Grind the seeds to a fine powder and store in glass bottle. Also store the outer covering.
  3. You can use the outer cover while preparing tea.

Notes :

  • It is most advisable to use the whole cardamom. But while making some simple sweet recipes for kids and infants we have to quite concerned that the seeds should not interfere while eating. So to avoid this I always have this powder as ready made at home, to use the powder while making sweets and kheer.
  • You can also use the outer layer while preparing tea or any plain rice you make.
  • This powder can also be very helpful when mixing with milk for the health tip given above