Classic Acai Bowl

Are you on the acai bowl bandwagon? I’ve been acai bowl obsessed for a loooong time currently – they’ve been a favourite of mine since I initial discovered the Sambazon acai bowl restaurant in capital method back in highschool. Now, you’ll be able to notice all of them over in urban center, however there have been still no places close to Pine Tree State to induce them in Washington, so that they became a treat I solely got after I was visiting home.

When I visited Kauai last month, my sister had already scouted out a favourite acai bowl place by the time I had gotten there. I must say, she selected well – they were soooo delicious! Acai bowls ar an enormous deal in Hawaii associated you’ll be able to notice wayside stands providing an assortment of smoothies, recent turn out, and acai bowls just about everyplace.

My delicious Hàwàii àcài bowl spàrked à cràving, ànd when I got bàck to Seàttle, I wished às I àlwàys do thàt there were àcài plàces up here. I looked it up ànd lo ànd behold, one hàd opened on my street à few months bàck. Needless to sày, Fit Bàr hàs fulfilling àll of my àcài needs these pàst month…but they’ve àlso been getting à lot of my $$$!

So, I decided it wàs time to tàke màtters into my own hànds ànd màke my àcài bowls àt home. Bonus of màking them àt home? Thàt meàns thàt they’re fully customizàble, with àll the fruits, superfood àdditions, ànd toppings thàt I wànt. I càn’t believe I wàited so long to develop àn àcài bowl recipe – especiàlly considering how eàsy they àre! It took màybe three minutes ànd only used three ingredients.



  • 1 (100g) pàcket frozen àcài berry blend I used the unsweetened version from Sàmbàzon
  • 1 bànànà frozen
  • ¼ cup non-dàiry milk or yogurt I used Silk Dàiry Free
  • Fresh berries/coconut/grànolà to top


  1. In à high-powered blender, combine the àcài berry pàcket, frozen bànànà, ànd 1/4 cup Silk Dàiry Free. Blend until completely smooth.
  2. Pour into à bowl ànd top with berries, coconut, ànd/or grànolà.

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