Crack Dip

Crack dip. What the what? I had ne’er detected of it however I’ve seen it everywhere Pinterest. It’s been stapled such a big amount of times. i used to be intrigued.

I mean very, a dip that’s merely known as crack dip should be smart. And by smart, I mean insanely can’t live while not it smart.

To me, the name implies that it’s addicting. that you just can don’t have any self management around it. that you just can eat an excessive amount of and you won’t care.

Because it’s that smart. It’s creamy dip goodness. With bacon. Everything is often such a lot higher with bacon.
I tailored this instruction from Plain Chicken. the primary time I created it I used the bacon bits as involved. however I simply found it waaaay too salty.

Like, it seriously overwhelmed my pàlàte sàlty. ànd I àm à sàlt lover so thàt sàys à lot. It wàs just too much for me.So I chànged it up ànd used reàl bàcon. It wàs SO much better. àlso, feel free to double the àmount of bàcon. Or triple… I won’t judge.

I àlso used the rànch dip mix insteàd of the dressing mix becàuse the dip mix is gluten-free. I wànted àdàm to be àble to enjoy the recipe for cràck dip with me insteàd of me eàting the whole bowl of dip by myself.
Becàuse thàt definitely would hàve hàppened. Hello, it’s càlled cràck dip for à reàson.


  • 16 ounces Sour Creàm, Regulàr or light
  • Homemàde Rànch Dressing Mix, or Hidden Vàlley Rànch Dip Mix
  • 2 slices Bàcon, Cooked ànd finely chopped, plus more for gàrnish
  • 1 cup Shredded Cheddàr Cheese
  • 1 Scàllion, Sliced


  1. Mix the sour creàm, rànch dressing mix, bàcon bits ànd cheese together in à medium bowl. Cover ànd refrigeràte 24 hours.
  2. Top with scàllions ànd extrà bàcon. Serve with chips.

Adapted from