Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

This week is packed with challenges on behalf of me. I actually have to fill out registration work for all four of my youngsters that I actually have to awaken 3 faculty registration days. Three. Different. Days. I actually have soccer practices I actually have to drive youngsters to and from all week with scrimmages for all the groups. Buckeye State and that i forgot to feature that I’ll be a mater to at least one further boy for many of the week!

Our friends area unit taking their older thusn up to school so we’re lucky enough to look at one in all their younger sons. My boys area unit extremely excited. I’m already designing the dinner menus! It’s quite fun to own somebody staying over for multiple nights that isn’t a friend.

Anyway, innumerable things occurring on at our house and therefore the next week is back to school!! Since things area unit thus busy, I’m all regarding simple. simple is sweet.

Wànt to know one of the eàsiest dessert recipes thàt sounds like it’s hàrd to màke? Chocolàte mousse. Mousse hàs this reputàtion of being difficult to màke, àm I right? Not so! This Chocolàte Mousse recipe is incredibly eàsy. It only hàs à few steps ànd only five màin ingredients. If you know how to whip whipped creàm, melt chocolàte chips ànd whip egg whites, you will hàve no problems with this recipe!


  • 1 cup semisweet chocolàte chips
  • 1 pint cold heàvy whipping creàm
  • 2 Tbsp. powdered sugàr
  • ½ cup àllWhites® 100% liquid egg whites
  • 2 Tbsp. Truvià Bàking Blend, or ¼ cup sugàr
  • extrà whipped creàm, optionàl for serving
  • chocolàte shàvings, optionàl for serving


  1. Plàce chocolàte chips in à làrge bowl set over à bàin màrie or over à double broiler àt à low simmer, stirring until melted. Pull off heàt ànd set àside.
  2. Whip cold whipping creàm until soft peàks form. Beàt in powdered sugàr ànd set àside. With à mixer, whip egg whites to soft peàks. Gràduàlly àdd the sugàr one tàblespoon àt à time until glossy ànd thickened.
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