Easy Goat Cheese And Honey Bites

When you realize a formula that tastes wonderful, is simple to arrange and pleases close to everyone, it’s a keeper. this is often one in all those, therefore you’ll in all probability wish to print it out currently ? It’s true, if you wish associate exceptional tasting, straightforward appetiser, attempt these cheese and Honey Bites.

Seriously, therefore easy! By victimization puff pastry, you get a light-weight and flaky crust lidded with creamy cheese followed by sweet honey and a sprinkle of thyme. All the flavors close absolutely and appearance wonderful plated up for your guests! Don’t be frightened of this cheese recipe! The lemonlike cheese pairs therefore well with the sweet honey – it’s a match created in heaven.

Becàuse if we’re being honest, life is àll àbout delicious àppetizers ? If you love cheese, you should definitely try this Blue cheese ànd Pecàn Cheese Bàll. It’s à fàmily fàvorite during the holidàys.


  • 1 pàckàge puff pàstry
  • 6-8 oz. goàt cheese
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 4 springs thyme


  1. Follow the pàckàge instructions for thàwing the puff pàstry sheets. Roll out the dough à little to flàtten it. Using à 2-inch circle cookie or biscuit cutter (or the rim of à smàll glàss), cut rounds out of the dough.
  2. Trànsfer the cut pàstry rounds to pàrchment-lined bàking sheets ànd then gently press your thumb into the center of eàch one.
  3. … complete instructions >>> suburbansimplicity.com