Fig and Honey Health Benefits

Fig and Honey – Figs are called as Atthipalam in tamil and Anjeer in Hindi. They are the richest source of many nutrients but particularly rich in Calcium, fiber and antioxidants. Honey is good natural energy source, immunity builder and good for digestion.

By consuming fig directly is not that interesting because its quite hard to eat. when taken fig and honey as a combination regularly after breakfast gives good relief from constipation

Fig and Honey

Ingredients of Fig and Honey:

  1. Fig – 10 to 15
  2. Honey – 5 tbsp
  3. Scissors
  4. Glass bottle

Method of Preparation of Fig and Honey

Below is step by step to make Fig and Honey that can you try at home.

  1. Get ready with your ingredients and a glass bottle.
  2. Remove the dried fig from the strand and wipe with a clean cloth.
  3. Cut into 2 pieces or even four pieces of your choice.
  4. Add into a clean bottle.
  5. Fill in with required amount of honey.
  6. Close the lid and shake well the bottle to get fig and honey mixed evenly as shown. Check and add little more honey if you require.
  7. Honey settles down easily because of its density. So you can just using a spoon to take upside and again shake.
  8. Now the honey is spread evenly and you can also add honey like soaking consistency. Just to avoid more honey consumption, this time I didn’t soak the fig in honey completely.

Health benefits of Fig and Honey :

  1. Consume 2-3 soaked dry figs with a tablespoon of honey.Use this continuously for a month every morning which gives a good relief from constipation.
  2. Take 1 tsp daily after breakfast.
  3. Mix dry fig soaked in honey with water to get relief from sore throat.
  4. Figs include very good amount of dietary fibers,which are helpful in reducing body weight.
  5. Figs are high in calcium content increasing the bone strength.
  6. Since figs are high in potassium content reduces the insulin content and control diabetes.
  7. Figs are rich in high water content,therefore ideal for providing glow to the skin.
  8. They control blood pressure,stress and anemia.
  9. Both honey and figs are rich in anti oxidants and gets digested easily.
  10. Also honey has a bacteria killing property making not to get bacteria accommodated. So taking too much of honey is also not good.
  11. Both honey and figs are rich in iron content, thereby supporting the formation of blood.

Above is information about Fig and Honey Health Benefits that very awesome and useful for our health.