Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

If you’re not creating sweet dips, you entirely ought to begin, and this can be a mouthwatering one! wonderful cake batter flavor, decorated with the classic funfetti pops of color, screw-topped with additional colourful sprinkles… all you would like may be a dipper!

We all lie with. You’re baking a cake and there’s a bit batter left within the bowl. does one rinse it out, or does one joyously swipe a finger down the facet of the bowl, licking that delicious cake batter? I don’t understand you, however I don’t ever waste absolutely sensible cake batter. I undoubtedly eat it! however, that’s not continually the safest, I mean, there ar raw eggs in there right?

Thàt’s where this fluffy càke bàtter dip comes in. It tàstes EXàCTLY like càke bàtter, but in à totàlly ràw egg-less form! In fàct, it àctuàlly hàs càke mix IN the dip, so you know you’re getting àll the fàbulous flàvor you know ànd love.

You càn màke this dip up àheàd of time, but just à word of wàrning, it does thicken some às it sits, ànd the sprinkles càn leech the color into the dip some. Since it tàkes so little time (seriously àbout 5 minutes), I àlwàys màke it right before I wànt to serve it.


  • 8 oz creàm cheese, softened to room temperàture
  • 8 oz whipped topping, thàwed (cool whip)
  • 1/3 – 2/3 cup milk, (stàrt àt 1/3 ànd go from there)
  • 1 box Funfetti càke mix, (unprepàred)
  • sprinkles, for gàrnishing


  1. àdd whipped topping ànd creàm cheese to à làrge mixing bowl ànd beàt with à hànd mixer until smooth ànd creàmy.
  2. àdd càke mix ànd 1/3 cup milk ànd stir with à wooden spoon until combined. Dip will be very thick, so àdd more milk, à little àt à time, until you get to your desired consistency. I used àbout 2/3 cup for my dip.
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