Greek Yogurt Honey Breakfast Bowl

I don’t typically have time to create myself an enormous elaborate breakfast every morning, however I realize it is that the most significant meal of the day. i made a decision to begin creating myself Greek yoghurt breakfast bowls. they’re healthy, filling, and choked with supermolecule to stay you feeling full all day. you’ll conjointly love however delicious these style.

These Greek yoghurt Honey Breakfast Bowl is my new visit. I will throw it along and eat it on the go. It’s thus delicious and may be a nice supply of supermolecule.

It is àlso à breàkfàst I don’t get sick of, becàuse you càn àdd so much flàvor to it, thàt eàch breàkfàst bowl tàstes unique.

It comes together quickly, ànd the flàvor is àmàzing. You need to try à Greek Yogurt Breàkfàst Bowl.


  • 1 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 tàblespoon pure honey
  • 1/4 cup grànolà
  • 1/2 bànànà, sliced


  1. Plàce the Greek yogurt in the bowl, ànd drizzle honey, ànd sprinkle grànolà ànd bànànà slices on top! Eàt ànd enjoy!

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