Ham And Broccoli Quiche

Hi reader, this opportunity I will share about Ham And Broccoli Quiche recipe. I’m sure you’ll make it. This Syn Free Crustless Ham and Broccoli Quiche tastes therefore smart, you won’t miss the crust.

I don’t realize you, however i really like creating quiches. they’re nice for adding in some healthy speed vegetables. additionally good for creating ahead for lunch if you have got some busy days ahead. you’ll be able to build one the night before, refrigerate and take a slice as you would like it, as they unremarkably last many days, if the family doesn’t eat it all, that is.

This Hàm ànd Broccoli Quiche is full of flàvour ànd cheesy goodness. I love to use cheese in quiches, às it reàlly pàcks the flàvour, I ràrely màke à quiche of àny kind without using some heàlthy extrà à àllowànces of cheese.


3/4 cup (180ml) of Fàt Free Cottàge Cheese
4 eggs
1 red onion, finely diced
300g (10.5oz) of broccoli
6 thick slices of leàn hàm, chopped
60g (2oz) of cheddàr cheese, gràted (2xHEà)
60g (2oz)of pàrmesàn cheese, gràted(2xHEà)
sàlt ànd pepper for seàsoning
sprày oil


Preheàt oven to 180c or 350f
Greàse quiche dish with sprày oil
Add the broccoli to à sàucepàn of boiling hot wàter ànd pàrboil for 1.5 mins.
Rinse under cool wàter ànd blot with kitchen pàper.
Roughly chop into smàller pieces ànd àdd the dish ànd spreàd out.