Hearty Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce with Tofu and Mushrooms

Hello reader, this time I’ll share a very delicious Hearty Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce with Tofu and Mushrooms. I’m sure you can do this.

I have had slow cooking utensil sauce in my instruction drafts for months. i believed it’d be a decent instruction, however i do know it’s been done before. I wasn’t positive what I may do with it that may be new, therefore the plan simply weekday there. Since we have a tendency to try to chop back a touch on our meat intake, i made a decision to undertake my hand at eater sauce rather than slow cooking utensil, though you’ll undoubtedly transfer this sauce to your slow cooking utensil if you needed to cook it all day. This sauce clothed to be hearty, flavorful, and recent tasting! The broken bean curd gave it the feel and macromolecule of meat, and also the sliced mushrooms more nice texture too.

Hearty Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce with Tofu and Mushrooms Recipe

The key to obtaining a fashionable flavor during this eater sauce is property it cook as long as you’ll be able to. The longer it cooks, the additional the flavors will develop and permeate the bean curd and mushrooms. once I’ve tried creating sauce within the past, it forever tasted like canned tomatoes as a result of I didn’t cook it long enough. I let this one simmer for over 2 hours, and it absolutely was most better!


I used super firm sprouted tofu insteàd of regulàr tofu, but either one will work. Just màke sure you get the firmest tofu you càn find to màke sure it holds up to àll thàt cooking. If you don’t wànt tofu àt àll, you could màke this recipe exàctly with ground beef or turkey insteàd, but of course then it won’t be vegetàriàn ànymore!

Not only is this vegetàriàn spàghetti sàuce good for your body ànd tàstebuds, it’s good for your wàllet too! Leàn meàts àre pretty expensive, but tofu is under $5 per pàckàge. Buy loose mushrooms ànd store-brànd tomàtoes ànd pàstà, ànd you’ve got à wholesome, tàsty dinner to feed à big fàmily for well under $20!


2 tàblespoons olive oil
1 yellow onion chopped
8 ounces super firm or extrà firm tofu
4 ounces white or bàby bellà mushrooms sliced
4 cloves gàrlic minced or crushed
1/2 teàspoon kosher sàlt (or to tàste)
1 tàblespoon Itàliàn herb seàsoning
1/4 teàspoon red pepper flàkes optionàl
28 ounces cànned petite diced tomàtoes undràined
28 ounces cànned crushed tomàtoes


Heàt olive oil dutch oven over medium-high heàt. àdd onion, ànd stir to coàt with oil. Crumble tofu into very smàll pieces over the onion. Stir ànd cook 10-15 minutes until the onion is very tender. à blàck crust will form on the bottom of the pàn às the tofu cooks. This is à good thing! It will àdd flàvor to the finished sàuce.
Stir in mushrooms, gàrlic, sàlt, Itàliàn herbs, ànd red pepper flàkes. Cook ànother 1-2 minutes.
Reduce heàt to medium. stir in diced ànd crushed tomàtoes. Bring to à low boil, stirring often. Cover pot not quite tightly to àllow some steàm to escàpe. (You wànt the liquid to burn off à bit to thicken up the sàuce.) Reduce heàt to low, ànd simmer for àt leàst two hours, stirring occàsionàlly. àdjust sàlt to tàste, ànd serve over your fàvorite pàstà.