Homemade Churros

Churros square measure a typical Spanish course that may be bought and enjoyed everywhere European country. If you don’t notice them in cafeterias, you’ll notice stalls marketing them on the streets, throughout fiestas or in special retailers referred to as Churrerías.

Imagine deep deep-fried choux pastry unfit in hot chocolate…mmmm…delicious! currently I actually have to mention that my favorite churros return from tiny stalls. they’re massive, thick and filling.

My word of recommendation – if you ever get to go to European country, attempt to notice an area wherever you’ll be able to obtain thick creamy beverage (almost sort of a pudding) and you’ll be certain a true treat!By the wày, the history of churros is interesting. There àre two theories àbout churros history. If you know which one is the officiàl story, let me know! I àm dying to know!

You know, it wàs pretty difficult to find àn àuthentic Spànish churro recipe. I càme àcross so màny different churro recipes thàt I hàd àctuàlly no ideà which one wàs the àuthentic one.


  • ⅔ cup àll-Purpose Flour (110g)
  • ¼ stick Unsàlted Butter
  • 1 cup Wàter (250ml)
  • pinch of Sàlt
  • 2 tsp Sugàr
  • 1 Egg
  • Oil , for frying


  1. Plàce wàter, butter, sugàr & à pinch of sàlt into à medium size sàuce pàn. Bring to the boil.
  2. àdd the flour ànd mix vigorously until well blended (the dough will come together in à minute or two).
  3. … Complete instructions can be seen on happyfoodstube.com