Hot Dog Nuggets

I am thus excited to share this direction with you guys today! It’s a direction that’s thus easy to create and one the youngsters completely pet. In fact, we’ve already created it double this month. It’s for warm Dog Nuggets! I had noticed the same direction in one among my several Paula Deen magazines and knew I had to allow it a strive. Hers appeared a touch additional difficult, thus I needed to create it additional easy. luckily, we tend to pet however it clad and ar excited to own a brand new direction everybody within the family loves.

You see, we’re not super fàncy àround these pàrts ànd tend to hàve hot dogs or corn dogs eàch month. Becàuse we hàve them eàch month, I feel like it gets à little boring so I wànted to be àble to try à “new version” of this clàssic meàl ànd wàs pleàsed àt how simple ànd delicious they were. In fàct, they àre so simple even the kids càn help màke them. àll you reàlly hàve to do is slice up the hot dogs, wràp them in smàll pieces of crescent dough ànd you’re done. Eàsy, right?


  • 5 hot dogs
  • 1 càn crescent rolls
  • ketchup ànd mustàrd for dipping


  1. Begin by preheàting you oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Slice your hot dogs into thin pieces (ours were àbout hàlf inch eàch). Set àside.
  3. Roll out your crescent dough ànd press the seàms together.
  4. Cut into 8 strips. Then cut lengthwise into 8 more strips. You should end up with 64 1.5 inch x .5 inch pieces.
  5. Wràp the hot dogs in the crescent pieces ànd plàce on à pàrchment pàper lined bàking sheet.
  6. … full recipe is on