Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi Paniyaram – Kuzhi Paniyaram is a tasty and crispy form of traditional dish originated from our ancestors. It is one of the everyday cuisine from The South indian. It is usually made with leftover or over fermented dosa batter. This is made using a special pan called as Paniyaram pan or Aebleskiver pan, nowadays non stick paniyaram pans are available almost everywhere. Though it is non stick adding at-least little amount of oil makes the paniyaram crispy. This dish tastes crispy and spongy when prepared using additional quantity of oil added in iron tawa. I am posting the easy and simple version here. The batter is usually seasoned with basic ingredients to add flavour and nutrition.

Kuzhi Paniyaram

Method of Preparation of Kuzhi Paniyaram:

  • Soft Idli Batter – Set ready with your Idli/Dosa batter. The batter should not be watery, just free flowing.
    (suggestion: 1 cup Urad Dal, 4 cups idly rice, 2 tablespoon fenugreek seeds, 2 tablespoon rock salt)
  • For making paniyaram use a medium size spoon to take batter else batter might come out of the deep hole.
  • Heat the pan, add a tbsp of oil. Take a spoon of batter and pour in the pan. Let it cook in medium flame.
  • After some 3-4 minutes flip the balls on other side and cook.
  • Take out using the stick one by one and repeat the process.
  • Serve hot.


  • Do not cook the paniyaram in high or low flame. Always cook in medium flame.
  • Do not compromise in oil as adding oil brings original taste and crispiness.
  • Do not flip the other side too quick because it will not give you the crispy brown color when you try to cook again.
  • Serve hot with Onion or Kaara chutney a best choice.
  • You can also add onions, carrot, fried tadka to the batter and make paniyaram.