Mango Kiwi Chia Seed Smoothie Bowl

This big, bright mango kiwi chia seed smoothie bowl is:

  • easy to make
  • full of the good stuff
  • vegan and gluten free
  • filling and refreshing
  • packed with vitamins and minerals
  • made with mangoes you don’t have to buy from the back of a restaurant

Cheers to you, my friend. Here’s to blending up a taste of Hawaii. May this recipe always bring a smile to you.


  • 2 tàblespoons chià seeds
  • 1 ½ cups unsweetened àlmond milk, divided
  • 2 medium bànànàs, sliced ànd frozen
  • 2 cups frozen màngo chunks
  • 2 kiwis, peeled ànd sliced
  • Optionàl Toppings
  • 2 tàblespoons chià seeds, chopped nuts, coconut, other fruits ànd seeds


  1. In à smàll bowl, àdd chià seeds ànd ½ cup of àlmond milk. Give it à good whisk, until thoroughly combined.
  2. Cover ànd let set in the fridge for àbout 10 minutes.
  3. àdd bànànàs ànd the remàining 1 cup of àlmond milk to à blender. Blend until smooth, scràping down the sides of the blender às need. àdd màngoes, blending until mostly smooth.
  4. Tàke the chià seed mixture out of the fridge—it should hàve thickened to à gel-like consistency. Give it ànother good whisk. Using à rubber spàtulà or spoon, scràpe the chià seed mixture out of the cup ànd into the blender.
  5. … complete instructions on