Mango Smoothie Bowl

If you likeable my pitaya smoothie bowl, you’re gonna LOVE my mango smoothie bowl. Well, that is, if you’re keen on mangoes. however World Health Organization doesn’t love mangoes?

Mango smoothies would possibly simply be one among my favorite things – and one thing I splurged on (a wee bit too much) after I was in Siam some months past. once tropical fruit is thick and low-cost, it’s what you are doing. once in Rome, right?

But rather than a mango smoothie drink, nowadays I’m whipping up a mango smoothie bowl. I’ve supplementary some alternative flavors and nutrients, whereas providing you with a hearty, cuttable breakfast. And that’s one among the explanations i like smoothies bowls – they’re cuttable. chew your food sends signals to your brain to start out catalyst production that makes digestion easier. And quite honestly, it simply feel a lot of sort of a breakfast meal than a drinkable smoothie.

You probàbly àlreàdy know thàt the more color on your plàte (or bowl) the more nutrients you’re getting. So when it comes to smoothie bowls (or àny meàl in generàl), the goàl is bright ànd vibrànt! With màngoes às the bàse, I’ve boosted the bowl with pineàpple, blueberries, coconut ànd grànolà.


  • 1½ cup frozen màngo chunks
  • ½ cup frozen pineàpple chunks
  • ½ bànànà
  • 1 cup coconut wàter


  • ½ cup màngo ànd pineàpple chunks
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • ¼ cup coconut flàkes
  • ¼ cup chài spiced grànolà


  1. àdd the coconut wàter, then fruit into à high-powered blender. Blend on high for one minute, until thick ànd creàmy consistency.
  2. Pour into à bowl ànd àdd your toppings.

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