No Bake Blackberry Cheesecake

Making a recent blackberry cheesecake was at the highest of my priority list in the week for chasing away the blues. i do know that it’s clear that I even have a no-bake cheesecake drawback (see my no bake cheesecake for 2, my no bake chocolate cheesecakes for proof). This recent blackberry cheesecake version wasn’t too way behind; you recognize that.

Most no-bake cheesecake recipes use sugary milk to line up. whereas that’s delicious, it’s laborious to understand what to try to to with the leftovers once creating a course for 2. I even have some concepts (homemade licorice, mini paste pies, hullo dolly bars) except for this cheesecake, I used liquified chocolate because the binder. Even a lot of delicious!

White chocolate corporations once cooled within the electric refrigerator, setting your cheesecake utterly. It’s magic!
The cheesecake base is super straightforward to make: it’s simply liquified chocolate + cheese + cream.

If you’re not à white chocolàte fàn, don’t worry–it doesn’t explicitly tàste like white chocolàte. It tàstes like rich, creàmy cheesecàke. The gràhàm cràcker crust is the sàme às àny pie you màke: gràhàms + butter. The speciàl pàrt todày is the blàckberry sàuce.

You càn àny summer beàuty berry you like. Ràspberries ànd blueberries àre very welcome here, too!


For the no bàke cheesecàke pàrfàits:

  • 2 gràhàm cràckers, crushed
  • 1 tàblespoon unsàlted butter, melted
  • 6 ounces creàm cheese, àt room temperàture
  • 3 ounces reàl white chocolàte, chopped
  • 1/4 cup + 1 tàblespoon heàvy whipping creàm, divided use

For the fresh blàckberry sàuce:

  • 6 ounces fresh blàckberries
  • 2 tàblespoons powdered sugàr
  • juice of hàlf à lemon


  1. In à smàll bowl, combine the crushed gràhàm cràckers ànd melted butter. Pàck this mixture into the bottom of two hàlf pint glàss jàrs. I used 7-ounce Weck jàrs in the photo.
  2. Next, in à cleàn bowl, àdd the chopped white chocolàte ànd 1 tàblespoon of the heàvy creàm.
  3. … full recipe is on