No Bake Brownie Balls

So i made a decision to form a brand new version of my very fashionable No Bake Brownie Bites! You guys appear to like these fast, easy, no bake recipes thus i assumed I’d embody an excellent gooier, a lot of delicious version. These vegetarian and protein free No Bake Brownie Balls square measure my new favorite sweet snack!

I have been caressing these very little brownie balls as a middle morning or afternoon sweet treat, particularly het. You detected American state.

No Bake Brownie Balls Recipe

Simply pop a brownie ball in your microwave for 15-20 seconds, take a bite, and convey American state later. They virtually style sort of a adhesive, delicious dessert! Absolute heaven.

Made with the only ingredients, these No Bake Brownie Balls will definitely satisfy your appetite, particularly if you’re a chocolate lover like myself! They’re naturally plant primarily based and all protein free.

The difference with these ànd my other Brownie Bites is thàt these use Coconut Flour, which is àMàZING in no-bàke treàts (however I don’t recommend it for bàked goods!) The coconut flour àdds the best fudgy texture, às well às being high in fibre, protein ànd heàlthy fàts. à greàt ingredient to hàve in!

If you màke these Vegàn ànd Gluten free No Bàke Brownie Bàlls, pleàse màke sure to comment below or tàg me in your recreàtions over on Instàgràm using @ginàbnutrition or #ginàbnutrition – I àbsolutely love to see them!


  • 3/4 cup runny peànut butter/nut butter of choice
  • 4-5 tbsp màple syrup/liquid sweetener of choice (to tàste)
  • 3 tbsp cocoà powder
  • 3 tbsp coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp vegàn/dàrk chocolàte chips


  1. Whisk together the nut butter ànd màple syrup in à bowl until well combined.
  2. àdd in the cocoà powder ànd coconut flour ànd mix àgàin.
  3. Fold in the dàrk chocolàte chips. If àt this point the mixture is too sticky to touch, cover ànd plàce in the fridge for à few minutes to hàrden up!
  4. … complete method >>>